This is a list of the changes in this version of BuildingWorks. It contains new and improved features as well as issues that have been resolved.

All subscribers can download it from now.


  • Room name drop down added to Rooms ribbon with commonly used names. In addition the room type is automatically set depending on the room name.
  • Updated the PDF imports to handle larger pages and to improve quality.
  • Replaced two wall properties (Attic Wall Is Finished Above Collared Ceilings and Insulate Entire Gable Area) with Wall Gable Insulation Area
  • Upstand walls can now be copied via the copy command or by copy/paste.
  • Room floor/ceiling areas will default to the entire room area if no floor/ceilings are found for that room.
  • Fixed lean to roofs gable issue when another roof has been tee’d in.
  • Fixed lean to roofs with single hipped end orientation issue which was affecting gables.
  • Updated the roof line tool tip to display more information.
  • Fixed 3D issue with attic wall not always clipping correctly to collared ceiling.
  • Fixed file permission issue when loading the symbol browser.
  • Fixed issue where the layer property in the property grid could be locked for symbols.
  • Fixed issue where the layer could be changed for entities via the ribbon when multiple entities of different types are selected.
  • Renamed Resolve Rooms to Survey Rooms. Updated room inspector and messages to reflect this name change.
  • Fixed drawable symbols not updating when placed (after the first one has been placed).


  • Fixed issue where software would not open if there was a corrupt auto recovery file present.