This is a list of the major changes in this version of BuildingWorks. It contains new and improved features as well as issues that have been resolved.

All subscribers can download it from now.


  • New Wall & ceiling room renovation tool with a more flexible set of treatment specifications added.
  • Sleeper walls can now be drawn. They are available in the Internal Walls menu.
  • All internal walls can now be drawn as existing attic walls.
  • New Small Roofs button for dormer & bay roofs to make the roofs specifications easier to navigate.
  • Improved dormers appearance in 3D to support varying internal length.
  • New function to change the wall height of a roof - select a single roof line, right-click on it, then from popup menu select 'Set Roof Wall Height':
  • Add function to raise upstand walls to the height of their parent roof – to use select the upstand wall, right-click on it, then from the popup menu select 'Set upstand height to roof'.
  • Rotate symbol commands: Added new keyboard shortcut 'r/R' to rotate clockwise a single selected symbol entity locked to 45° steps. In addition rotate buttons have been added to the Symbol ribbon.
  • Added visibility options for Design docking windows:
  • New tool to swap like textures applied to entities:
  • Fixed issue with windows not always appearing as transparent when viewed in 3D textured mode.
  • Upstand wall entities now use the internal wall texture their capped ends when viewed in 3D.
  • Rooms now support the break line function - select room and use the right-click menu over the line to be broken.
  • Doors and windows drawn as existing will now appear as already used items when selecting those product types from the Design module.
  • 'Draw from this specification' right-click option now available for existing walls, doors and windows.
  • Copy/paste and copy selection of existing roof is now copied as existing and not estimated.
  • Further improvements to internal memory handling when importing existing drawings from PDF.
  • Fixed some types of stairs not appearing in 3D.


  • Roof tile picking/swapping process has been altered to make it easier to set up and choose new tile types.
  • New resources and rates for reclaimed and imperial brickwork.
  • New fibre cement cladding rates and assemblies.
  • All external walls can now contain structural openings.
  • New externally and internally insulated solid wall specifications.
  • Adjusted roof tile labour upwards for fibre cement, and downwards for interlocking tiles.
  • Added EPDM/PVC/GRP flat roofing finishing options and reorganised flat roofing finishes specs to accommodate the new finishes options.


  • Fixed the filters on Bricklayes report.
  • Changed how print preview works so its behaviour consistent across the software.

Bill of Quantities

  • Added rate column and column headers and options to show/hide these.
  • Fixed 'carried forward' not appearing on first page.


  • Added data filters to exclude resources by type e.g. exclude materials, plant etc. to produce a 'Labour Only' quote.
  • Fixed unpriced quotes, to have no prices.


  • Quarterly update of material prices.
  • Materials can now be marked as 'Favourites'. Simply click on the star to mark an item as a favourite and it will then appear at the top of lists when picking and swapping materials.
  • Tooltips on ribbons now stay open for 30 seconds.
  • New option to auto sign out on closing the software, releasing the software licence to be used by another named user.
  • Fixed crashing on startup when Dropbox Business is installed.
  • Fixed OneDrive folder location not being detected on latest Windows 10.