This is a list of the major changes in this version of BuildingWorks. It contains new and improved features as well as issues that have been resolved.

All subscribers can download it from now.


  • Hipped roofs now support a second pitch.
  • Lean to roofs with a double hip end can now be drawn.
  • New room tracer algorithm; faster and more reliable and can now trace around dormers.
  • New elevation hatching algorithm; works without the need to explode the elevation symbol, faster and more reliable.
  • Improved entity selection when teeing a roof into another roof or wall, in addition if CTRL is held down when selecting, only roof lines will be selected – this is useful if the roof line sits on a foundation line for example.
  • Added options for symbols to be flipped horizontal/vertically to the ribbon/context menu.
  • Stopped wall layers becoming visible again after they have been set as hidden.
  • Fixed disappearing PDF import images when opening a project on a different computer.


  • Dry fix verges, sarking and counterbatten options added to pitched roofs.
  • Provisional sum specification and more predefined provisional sum rates added.
  • Fixed issue when closing the application and saving whilst in the Estimating dashboard.

Bill of Quantities

  • Provisional sums are now appearing correctly in the bills.


  • The order of jobs within a project can now be changed using the job items context menu.
  • Auto save will not run when the computer has been idle since the last auto save completed.
  • Added 'Show log files' command to the profile menu on main screen, also available via the CRTL-L shortcut.
  • Fixed "Select Manufacturer" not working when copying a material.
  • Fixed error message when double clicking a project file to open if it has spaces in its name.